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November 14, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-14 | Soccer rivalry brings out best in teams

Submitted by Readers

— Amid turmoil and division over the status of our nation and during a very emotional past week for many, great things still happen locally.

Our family supports the Westmont Hilltop boys soccer team, which played their hearts out this season, including a huge win over rival Bedford. (As of this writing, Bedford’s record was 21-1.)

Although Bedford continues to be a pivotal rival, we salute the Bedford team, Coach Jeff Thomas and his outstanding players such as goalkeeper James Jeffries and Blake Baer (who made the winning goal to advance the Bisons to the semifinal last night against Lancaster Mennonite).

With all our hearts, we wish the best to bring back the state title to our region for an awesome future season of soccer. Represent our area with integrity, sportsmanship and determination – which was very well illustrated in Baer’s facial expression during a game initially pictured in The Tribune-Democrat on Sept. 26 – imploring in the intensity of your hearts and the sport.

You are awesome and best wishes to your team. See you in the fall.

Kim Marley


For some, vote tied to selfish reasons

The election is over. Our president has been re-elected. Some who voted for President Obama did so for selfish reasons: To keep on committing immoral acts, such as abortion, contraception, gay marriage and adultery.

Or perhaps they are receiving government assistance and wish to keep getting something for nothing.

Congratulations. You will now continue receiving something for nothing. You are also responsible for helping to end our constitutional republic, in favor of a socialist state.

Basically, you voted for Obama because you wanted someone who will confirm you in your sins. But, you made a fatal error. Because God is not only merciful, he is also just. For failing to uphold his commandments and precepts, he will now send more chastisements upon our nation.

Yes, God is still in charge, and he will continue to make his authority known on earth. Our only hope as a nation is to repent our many sins and return our government to God-fearing men and women who will follow the Lord’s guidance in all of their actions.

For those of us who voted for the loser, do not give up hope. The forces of good will prevail in the end, and evil will ultimately be defeated, when Christ returns in glory.

Until then, pray for our nation, that we will not end up in the chains of oppression through a government that is out of control.

Deacon Dave Hornick


Report: Cutting taxes doesn’t promote growth

Not long ago, the Congressional Re-search Service – a respected, independent agency – submitted a report to Congress that congressional Republicans decided to suppress. A spokesman for (Senate minority leader) Mitch McConnell said that McConnell and others had expressed “concerns about the methodology and other flaws” ostensibly found in the report.

The report concluded that cutting tax rates for high-income individuals does not promote growth; instead, it encourages an increasing concentration of income at the top of the economic pyramid.

In other words, lowering tax rates for the rich doesn’t spread the wealth; it merely increases economic inequality.

Earlier, Republicans attacked the private, equally respected Tax Policy Center for analyzing Mitt Romney’s tax plan and finding that the numbers simply did not add up. It would not have been possible to slash taxes by 20 percent without increasing the deficit. And we all remember Jack Welch’s wacky claim that there was a conspiracy at the Bureau of Labor Statistics because it reported that the unemployment rate had fallen below 8 percent.

The American people have paid for the report submitted by the Congressional Research Service, and I believe that we are entitled to review its conclusions and judge it for ourselves.

Republicans in the House and the Senate should not hold the truth hostage, or suppress truth merely because it does not conform to their ideology. Reaganomics and the Laffer curve should be consigned once and for all to the dustbin of discredited economic theories.

Congress should screw its head on straight, accept the truth and get on with the hard work of resuscitating the economy and putting people back to work.

Barbara Bruce


As Philadelphia goes, so does rest of state

Statewide results of the presidential election:

* Total vote: Obama, 2,894,079; Romney, 2,610,385; and difference, 283,694.

* Philadelphia: Obama, 551,070; Romney, 90,989; and difference, 460,081.

* Rest of state: Obama, 2,343,009; Romney, 2,519,396; and difference, 176,387.

Everyone realizes the Philadelphia vote is a major factor in any Pennsylvania statewide race, but looking at these numbers makes it stark. Philadelphia not only carried the state, it overwhelmed the state.

One county carried Pennsylvania. The rest didn’t matter.

The really frightening thing about this is future statewide election initiatives. If gay marriage or legalized pot is on the ballot, Philadelphia will decide for the rest of us.

Philadelphia values will be imposed on the rest of the state. Are this region’s values the same as Philadelphia’s?

President Obama said he wanted to fundamentally transform America, and he has. This president has successfully polarized America to win this election, and when a situation is polarized, the only way things are resolved is through power. The power side imposes its will on the other.

Philadelphia can now impose its will on the rest of us.

“You have a Republic Madame, if you can keep it.” – Benjamin Franklin

Tom O’Toole


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