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July 11, 2013

Readers' Forum 7-11 | Casino could jump-start city’s economy

Submitted by Readers

— Friends and I took a trip to the Lady Luck Nemacolin Casino in Fayette County. It was a great time.

A casino that size would make a great employer for Johnstown. State Sen. John Wozniak tried to get one approved, but it never went through. Imagine that.

Why are people with influence short- changing our town’s efforts  to come alive again? We hardly have decent employment with no steel mills, no coal mines, and let’s not forget that the population is down.

Oh, but according to the Sunday Tribune-Democrat, we have drugs here.

Wake up, politicians, and give our town a chance to come back the right way. With a casino here, people would come from Bedford, Greensburg, Pittsburgh, Altoona, Somerset, State College, etc.

We have the space.

Lynn M. Giles


Domestic violence, child abuse mishandled

A Readers’ Forum writer on July 5, “In the end, love always wins,” describes her experience with Children and Youth Services. The sad reality is that children are used in a massive money-making scheme to obtain federal funding.

Title IV funding promotes the removal of children from loving families, promotes “services” offered by children’s protective service agencies, and provides an income initiative for judges, lawyers, the Office of Guardian ad Litem, custody evaluators and those under contract with Children and Youth Services.

According to The Leadership Council, more than 58,000 children are removed from protective parents each year when child abuse is reported. In most cases, the result of reporting the abuse of a child is loss of custody. 

Women who attempt to stop domestic violence find an extreme bias in the court system when child custody is disputed. Bogus reports from custody evaluators of personality disorders in protective parents ignore child abuse and place children with abusers.

Changing the way decisions of domestic violence and child abuse are handled in the current court system would save more than $500 billion a year nationally.

What is needed is an immediate audit of CYS and the use of federal funding.

Kimberly Myers

South Fork

Rechannel Egypt $$ to U.S. military bases

As I was watched a TV news program a couple of days ago, I was shocked to learn that our government could not afford to give military families on some bases a Fourth of July celebration.

Yet a few days later, the government announced it was withholding $1.5 billion  from Egypt because of that country’s internal problems.

Why are we giving foreign countries billions of our tax dollars when we can’t afford to treat military families to good Fourth of July celebrations?

I would like some senator or House members to explain to me where in our Constitution it says our tax dollars will be given to foreign countries. Especially those who don’t like us, just our money.

Just think how much could be done if we used that money instead to help the people in trouble in the United States. Like the people who have children and have lost their homes and everything they own and now are in shelters for years and trying to rebuild their lives.

Why should we pay taxes if our government is just giving our money away?

We should limit the amount of time Congress members can serve. This should not be a career job. Six years is enough.

When someone spends a lot of time in office and gets nothing done, then they are not doing their job.

Homer Mattes


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