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October 8, 2012

Readers' Forum 10-8 | Management let Pirates down

Submitted by Readers

— It is time for Pittsburgh Pirates’ manager Clint Hurdle and general manager Neal Huntington to walk the plank (be fired) for the worst collapse in baseball history – two years in a row after the all-star break.

But this year, the “Battling Bucs” were 16 games over .500 and playing like a family.

Then Hurdle and Huntington, like last year, made very bad trades and judgments on the field and started playing a lot of minor league players who were not ready.

Pitcher Wandy Rodriguez was good.

Hurdle and Huntington also made the players who got them into first place and 16 games over .500 mad, and Hurdle was not loyal to the players who got them there.

Hurdle acted like he was managing a Little League team; starting minor leaguers was very foolish. Also a six-man pitching rotation was a very knuckle-headed move.

On Sept. 30 at PNC‚ÄąPark, the Pirates celebrated Roberto Clemente’s 3,000-hit anniversary. Very class act on the Bucs part and to the very good Clemente family.

Thank you, Tribune-Democrat, for the articles on breast cancer awareness month. Job well done.

John Zawalish


American flag still a beacon of hope

My forefathers were born out of pride and necessity. They displayed a newborn country’s strength and unity. They were used to show that America was free from British rule.

My great-grandfather charged into battle during the Civil War. My grandfather stood tall at Iwo Jima. My father was the first of his kind on the moon. My mother was proudly placed above the rubble at ground zero to once again show America’s strength and unity.

My sisters have been draped over the coffins of thousands of heroes. My brothers are on the shoulders of many brave soldiers.

I sit high above a classroom. My red, symbolizing hardiness and valor, is slowly fading. My white, representing the innocence and purity of the country, is becoming a pale yellow. My vibrant blue still epitomizes vigilance, perseverance and justice, but has dulled over time.

There was a time when no one would let us touch the ground. Now, people clinch us in their fists and ask what their country can do for them or burn us in the streets.

Few people truly pledge their allegiance to me and many don’t even know what allegiance means. I’ve seen what our country can be and what it is.

I don’t know if people still see us as a symbol of strength and unity or are, instead, embarrassed by us.

No matter what, we will continue to hang anywhere we are welcome and be a beacon for those seeking freedom and something to be proud of.

Scott Reininger


Election issues going unanswered

This election will probably be the most important one we will ever vote in. There is a stark contrast between the two candidates.

People who live in this area should be up in arms against President Obama because of the way Obamacare treats Catholics. Under Obamacare, Catholics would be forced to help pay for taxpayer-paid abortions. What about freedom of religion?

Also, this area was big on coal mining. Now, Obama is closing down the mines (regulations against coal use are causing mines to shut down.) In our town, I see a lot of signs that say, “Stop the War on Coal, fire Obama.”

And why would Obama not permit a pipeline bringing petroleum from Canada through the United States to our refineries?

And why can’t we drill for oil in our country? Don’t we need the oil and the jobs?

Arlene Pawlikowski

Northern Cambria

Lifelong Democrat offended by Obama

After reading many Readers’ Forum letters, I believe that those who support President Obama just don’t care.

Gas prices have increased from $1.79 to $3.89 per gallon. Food and energy prices are up significantly. But they don’t care.

Concerning unemployment – rates have increased for the long-term unemployed, for women and for blacks. But they don’t care.

Candidate Obama called President Bush’s $400 billion deficits “unpatriotic.” Under Obama’s administration, annual deficits have averaged $1.4 trillion.

The national debt has increased to $16.3 trillion from $10.6 trillion. But they don’t care.

President Obama champions women’s equality. Records show that he pays his women staffers about 15 percent less than he pays his male staffers. But his supporters don’t care.

Obamacare will cut $716 billion from Medicare, resulting in less care for senior citizens. But they don’t care.

Obama brags about saving GM. GM responds by announcing that it plans to build 11 new manufacturing plants – in China.

Obama’s policy of apology and appeasement has led to deaths and uprisings in the Middle East. But they don’t care.

Obama rails against the rich, saying they aren’t paying their fair share – but never defines what that is. In fact,

they couldn’t pay enough to make a difference. 

To “not offend anyone” Obama has eliminated the National Day of Prayer, refuses to salute the flag and the Demo-crats have eliminated references to God in their platform. Well, I’m offended. But they don’t care.

As a lifelong Democrat, I care. I’m voting against Obama.

Jim Kopriva


Are we better off than four years ago?

President Obama says he wants to help the middle class. We have lost about 8 percent of our income, took the biggest hit on the home market, unemployment is over 8 percent, yet Obama says he is helping the middle class.

If he gets his way on coal, which is middle-class workers, he will devastate the coal region from Pennsylvania to Virginia. This will cause unemployment to rise over 10 percent. Power plants will be forced to close, causing massive layoffs of miners, truck drivers, plant workers and manufacturing.

His regulations on oil and natural gas drilling are hurting our region now, but it will get a lot worse.

North Dakota’s and South Dakota’s unemployment is under 4 percent because they are digging, drilling and fracking.

Ladies, Obama says he is helping your gender, but your unemployment is higher than ever (along with the young people), but polls say he is way ahead in Pennsylvania. Why?

Check your gas bill along with your food and electric bills. Are you better off now than four years ago? I’ll bet not.

Obama’s foreign policy has the Middle East hating the United States even more than before, along with our allies who think we are weak and no longer the powerful country we were.

Cutting our military at a time like this would be disasterous.

Butch Sheehan

Geistown Borough

Paint Township needs new leaders                                                                   It is time for the Paint Township supervisors to resign from their respective posts and let other, more qualified and caring individuals take their places.

Because of the major hardship a 75 percent increase in taxes will cause the Paint Township taxpayers, I am asking that all funding sources, including Windber Borough and Summit Bank, withhold all payments, vouchers, loans and the like to Paint Township until all positions on the township board are refilled by those not in office.

Having the treasurer step down from his post and reassume a position on the board means the fox is still in the henhouse. This defiance is just another slap in the face to the hardworking taxpayers of Paint Township.

Since money talks, I will be the first to boycott and picket any institution that funds the shenanigans currently going on with the supervisors. I am asking anyone who agrees to let it be known here.

Pass the word, put up signs and write to the papers to let your concerns and displeasures be known before it is too late. Once the tax is instituted, it will be next to impossible to have it rescinded.

Let the situation in Westmont, with its high taxes and residential vacancy rate, be a lesson to those in Paint Township.

Where did our money go and what was it spent on? The taxpayers have a right to know.

Charles Balon


Future does not look brighter

President Obama and Mitt Romney fed us so much bull, just like all the other presidential debates. I’m tired of listening to them.

I don’t want to start trouble, but think about it. Every time there’s an election, they say it’s going to get better, I’m going to do this and I’m going to do that.

But the fact of the matter is, it never gets done. I am really getting sick of the same old same old. Put up or shut up – or better yet, get out.

We need real people who live day to day with real problems, paycheck to paycheck who are trying to make it without the help from our so-called government.

We need some real help to run our broken-down country. It’s scary for me because I don’t see it getting better in the future.

Fred Bigam



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