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November 20, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-20 | Where's concern for fate of post office?

Submitted by Readers

JOHNSTOWN — Residents of Beaverdale received a form letter some time ago asking what they thought the post office’s reduced hours should be. One hundred and eighty-four people responded out of 389 box holders.

Shame on you.

There was a meeting at the Beaverdale library on Nov. 8 concerning this important matter. About 20 people showed up.

Shame on you again. The place should have been packed.

If the post office is closed instead of having its hours reduced, these would be the first people to complain.

In 2014, there will be another survey. All you people better wake up before it’s too late.

Ralph E. Gutshall Sr.


Writer was mistaken on executive orders

When reading Tom Schettig’s Nov. 12 Readers’ Forum letter, “People have decided they want more gov’t,” I found myself alarmed by the figures he cited to support his argument. Naturally, as a UPJ preservice social studies educator, I felt that the only responsible course of action was to investigate the facts. What I found turned Schettig’s letter into a work of fiction rather than fact.

I believe that it is my duty, as an effective citizen, to share my findings and to dispel a few of his assertions. To date, President Obama has signed 140 executive orders, a far cry from the claim of 923. By comparison, George W. Bush signed 291 and Bill Clinton signed 364, both in eight years (

One other point of misrepresentation is the two examples Schettig alluded to in support of his argument. EOs 10995 and 10997 were both signed by JFK in 1962, long before Obama took office. I am grateful to Schettig and others who share their opinions and insight, but I am hopeful that in the future people will verify their facts before they use them to make false claims.

Ryan Clancy


Retailers upstaging Thanksgiving Day

As Thanksgiving draws near, I am becoming more and more aware that even this special day, set aside for Americans to pause, gather with family and give thanks for our blessings, is no longer sacred.

As if sightings of Christmas trappings as early as Halloween weren’t enough of a reminder of the impending shopping season, and as if consumerism hasn’t already “consumed” Christmas enough as it is, several stores – such as Target, Toys-R-Us and Sears – are extending their Black Friday hours to Thanksgiving Day.

Yes, I realize that in our bleak economic existence these extra hours, days and weeks of spending may be a shot in the arm for our economy and turn those red ledger figures to black. But it would be nice if our preoccupation with shopping and gift-giving didn’t cause us to lose sight of why we have Thanksgiving, and Christmas for that matter, in the first place.

Jennifer Oaks


Front-page funeral photo inappropriate

I have been thinking about the picture that was on the front page of the newspaper on Nov. 10.

It was a funeral picture of the parents of the little boy mauled to death by painted dogs at Pittsburgh Zoo.

It was very rude and inconsiderate to have that picture in the paper, let alone on the front page.

If you have ever lost a little one, regardless of the cause, you would know that people need time to grieve privately.

We lost a little one a couple years ago, and I know that I would not have wanted our funeral picture on the front page of the paper.

Think and be kind.

Kathryn Rhoades

Nanty Glo

Pray for people to have common decency

Regarding Deacon Dave Hornick’s letter of Nov. 14, “For some, vote tied to selfish reasons”:

Why is it when an election does not turn out the way people of the cloth want it to, those who are against them are committing immoral acts, such as abortion, gay marriage, contraception and adultery?

We are discussing political elections, and to even suggest that the only people who voted for the president are sinners is a little absurd.

Ask yourself: Do God-fearing men who follow the Lord’s guidance in their actions criticize people in need of assistance from the government?

Or does the title deacon give them the right to say whatever they want about the people they find offensive?

Oh yes, we should pray, but for more people to have the common decency, at least common sense, when they are composing forum letters.

Rich Peschock

North Huntingdon

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