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November 23, 2012

Readers' Forum 11-23 | Bring back capital punishment


JOHNSTOWN — Vets put much aside to serve country

A veteran is man or woman who leaves the comforts of home in order to preserve the freedoms that we, as Americans, enjoy.

The veteran endures hardships being away from home, and career aspirations and personal dreams are set aside in order to serve our country.

Often our veterans come home to very little fanfare, and many have suffered injuries, both physical and mental, that last lifetimes.

A writer to the forum recently compared Mitt Romney to our servicemen and women and, in fact, called Romney a hero. Nothing could be further from the truth.

I am a proud veteran, certainly not a hero, and my military service was undistinguished. But I served my country more than the writer or Mitt Romney could ever dream of.

The real heroes were those on the battlefields and the many still missing in action.

Thank God for our members of the military and our veterans.

Robert Vetock


Not flying flag a slap at soldiers

This is in response to Patty Cunningham’s Readers’ Forum letter of Nov. 18, “American flag, pledge have lost their meaning.” She wrote that no flag will fly on her property until the nation gets back to what it was when the pledge of allegiance was written.

I say thank you for the slap in the face to all veterans and current military personnel fighting for everyone’s freedoms, whether they agree with the outcomes or not.

Fly the flag proudly and as often as you can. Say the pledge of allegiance, they are beautiful words and mean so much.

God will bless the United States of America. Don’t give up.

Michael Stoskey


Youth of our region need somewhere to go

I am worried about the young people around here. What do they have? It’s no wonder they are in trouble, on drugs or having babies.

When I grew up in Johnstown, we had things to do, such as dances at Grand Slam, Rumors, Joey Del's and La Ritz in Ebensburg.

We rode up and down Scalp Avenue on the weekends, hung out in the parking lot at Value City and Richland Mall and had car cruises on the weekends. One theater had dollar days. It was safe, we didn’t get into trouble because there were things to keep us occupied.

There is a lot for the elderly to do, even a place that watches them throughout the day and picks them up. What about our kids? They need places where they can come, meet and talk. A place for guidance. Have sports or tutoring. Music lessons.

We have to save these kids, they are our future. They need support and somewhere they can go and be young.

If the city can light up a bridge, surely it  can spend some money for a free place for the young.

I am ready to help, are you?

Tara Robison


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