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November 23, 2012

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Voter fraud is unproven

In “Philly presidential vote raises questions” on Nov. 18, Dr. Bill Choby asserts that, “We know that the election had some serious evidence of potential voter fraud and that U.S. Attorney Eric Holder fought to block the implementation of voter ID laws in this election.” Choby directs this potential fraud at Philadelphia’s 86 percent support for President Obama.

In reality, Choby, voter fraud is an illusion.

In what is considered the most comprehensive database ever assembled, the Carnegie-Knight Initiative on the Future of Journalism Education determined how many prosecutions for election fraud have been made in each state, finding that the rate is “infinitesimal.”

In Pennsylvania, the number of fraud cases was five. In a nation where the bigger problem by far is voter apathy, it is bordering on delusional to believe large numbers of people would go the polls pretending to be someone else.

If some conservative voters have been hoodwinked into believing that their fellow citizens are vote-stealing “gifters,” the Republican intelligentsia knows perfectly well that voter ID laws are designed to suppress the franchise for blacks and Latinos who tend to support Democrats.

The good news is that federal courts are increasingly looking askance at voter ID laws, which pose an impediment to a fundamental American right. The Republican intelligentsia should not be able to flout the U.S. Constitution.

Michael Quinn


Keep goal in sight, Richland Rams

While my daughter was attending Richland School District, I had the privilege of watching fine young men in the past give their best to the football program and not have a winning season – not until these past few years.

As I followed Richland’s undefeated season in football this year, I’ve seen these bright young men develop character. Seeing them carry their pride onto the football field is gratifying. This team represent our township with dignity.

Thank you to the parents and coaching staff for teaching these young men what hard work and dedication can bring to the Richland football program.

The road to the gold will be a demanding one, but I have all the confidence that this team has the determination and spirit to make that aspiration a reality.

May God bless this team with success and may he keep each and every one of them safe from harm.

Bring the championship home, Rams!

Peter M. Fedash

Richland Township

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