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December 2, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-2 | T-D’s Pitt coverage, Tomahawks’ play lauded

Submitted by Readers

— This past summer, I wrote a fact-based letter critical of The Tribune-Democrat for its sparse coverage of Pitt football in comparison to Penn State.

I am writing again to give credit where credit is due, to say that the coverage is much improved and has been noticed.

Thanks to Natalie Bigley for her excellent articles on the Panthers.

On another high note, thank you to the Johnstown Tomahawks for their Faith and Family Night held on Nov. 9. Everyone in attendance had a great evening and saw the Tomahawks win big against Kalamazoo.

Those of us from Johnstown Christian School, and if I may also speak for our friends from Bishop McCort sitting in our section, were very impressed with the passing ability and speed of the team. All agreed the quality of hockey and the overall experience seemed to be above the level of Johnstown’s previous team.

The speaker volume was not too loud or overmodulated.

The crowd, for at least this one night, behaved themselves and made a nice environment to take a family, too. There was no swearing or embarrassing out-of-control fans to contend with.

The arena, the ice and the advertising all looked great.

One opportunity for improvement: Find a way to throw some of those free T-shirts to the fans sitting behind the protective netting.

Tom Helsel


Arming gun alarmists with dry-bean data

Thanks to Chuck Cordoro for his Nov. 26 Readers’ Forum letter in which he speaks out about President Obama’s little army coming for our guns, and the value of storing beans and water.

According to the U.S. Dry Bean Council ( “Beans contain protein, complex carbohydrates, fiber, antioxidants and important vitamins and minerals, such as foliate, manganese, potassium, iron, phosphorous, copper and magnesium. The lean protein in beans helps maintain and promote muscle while beans’ complex carbohydrates provide a sustained energy source.”

Perhaps if more of us turned to blackeye, lima and garbanzos for energy, rather than Red Bull, Monster and 5-hour energy drinks, this country could get back on track while lessening tooth decay from chemical-laden, sugary drinks.

The dry bean folks also state that: “Unlike meat-based proteins, beans are naturally low in fat, are free of saturated fat and trans-fat, and are a cholesterol-free source of protein. Research shows that a diet including beans may reduce your risk of heart disease.”

For those who may only know beans as the “magical fruit,” there is also useful information on the FAQ (frequently asked questions) portion of the bean website under the heading, “How can I reduce the flatulence- and gas-causing properties of dry beans?”

Armed with this information, Americans should find renewed vigor and determination facing the possibility of the president taking our guns and the day-to-day challenges of nutritiously feeding your family while on a budget.

Please consider a batch of beans in your bunker.

Howard Bernstein


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