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December 31, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-31 | Love came down at Christmas

Submitted by Readers

— God loved us so much that he gave his only son so that we might have eternal life.

Jesus willingly became a tiny, innocent, helpless baby developing in Mary’s womb.

Jesus, pure love, is born on Christmas. He came to show us how to live, how to love.

The Newtown tragedy starkly reminds us how precious and fragile life is. The faces of 20 little persons will be forever etched in our memory.

Each preborn, tiny, innocent, helpless person in the womb also has a face and a destiny. The tragedy of abortion claims more than 55 million lives of little, precious persons.

Please let them live. If in a crisis pregnancy, please let your baby live – call Gabriel Project, Birthright, Mom’s House or Precious Life.

If unable or unwilling to take care of your baby, please place the baby for adoption. If you have been coerced or had an abortion, help is available through Project Rachel.

Never forget, Jesus, pure love, Emmanuel, is with us always. He came to die to save us from our sins, extending his infinite love and mercy to all.

Thoughts and prayers to all families that have lost a child.

Chris Mraz


Atlanta’s mayor serving his friends

Why is man legalizing same-sex marriages?

Atlanta Mayor Kasim Reed is legalizing it because he has friends who are gay.

Don’t we have any Christian news media to tell the people it is wrong to not go by God’s law? I would like the media to show the people God’s word.

Homosexual conduct is not acceptable to God. Read Leviticus 18:22, Timothy 1:9-10 and Corinthians 6:9-10.

In Matthew 23:9, God says call no man father. The pope wants people to call him Holy Father. God is a jealous god (Exodus 34:14).

Satan is working overtime. Look what he has done already, taking prayer out of schools, Christ out of Christmas and urging people to get rid of mangers.

Dorothy Ford

Mineral Point

Bogus cabbie continues offering service

The people of the Johnstown area continue to be in danger from a blue Geo Metro playing cab company.

The operator has no driver’s license. His car is not insured to carry passengers.

You don’t have to pay him if he gives you a ride. There is no way he can take you to court. His service is illegal, yet police departments are not stopping him and writing him up.

If you are in his car and there is an accident, you are not covered by insurance. And he can walk away laughing.

Terry A. Christy


Greater Johnstown Yellow Cab Co.

Conemaugh Township, Cambria County

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