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January 11, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-11 | Kudos to coach Bailey, Richland football

Submitted by Readers

— Congratulations to the Richland football team and Brandon Bailey and his coaching staff for an outstanding season.

We in the Richland community are thankful that Bailey has brought some of that Forest Hills magic to Richland. The football program is once again competitive.

To the Richland businessman who a few years ago led people down the wrong road by trying to oust Bailey as coach, shame on you.

Bailey was named coach of the year two years in a row in the Laurel Highlands Athletic Conference – need more be said?

The effort to oust Bailey is more evidence that parents should stay out of the coaching business unless they are coaches.

Charles Puckey, a longtime and very successful coach at Richland, said it best: “When it comes to parents who hinder coaches, I did not go to the parents’ place of employment and tell them how to do their jobs. They should not come to my place of employment and tell me how to do my job.”

Well said, coach.

Keep it rolling, Rams.

Dwight Kauffman


‘Termites’ chew away at Constitution

This is to address Ron Stephenson’s Jan. 4 Readers’ Forum letter, “Tribune-Democrat’s gun stance blasted,” and to defend The Tribune-Democrat and the National Rifle Association.

Stephenson refers to The Tribune-Democrat as making idiotic statements, and to us law-abiding gun owners as gun nuts. I guess he’s putting us all in the same boat. As President Reagan used to say, “There you go again.”

Society seems to have a name for everything, so I’ll start a new name. We can call people “termites.” We all know what a termite does – it destroys.

History tells us that we wouldn’t have our Constitution without the Bill of Rights. Most of us understand that the Second Amendment has nothing to do with the hunting or sporting purpose of a firearm.

Someone said that when the Second Amendment was written, all we had were single-shot muskets. Yes, but so did the tyrants.

We who have fought for this country have given everyone the right to voice his or her opinion.

If it were my child who was killed, I would be devastated and want revenge.

The mother who allowed her mentally ill son access to her firearms, and the son who did this terrible act, are both dead.

If the termites of our society continue to chew at our Constitution, it will be destroyed. Then what?

There is a big difference between the sane and the insane. The sane know the difference between right and wrong.

So we must ask ourselves, am I a termite?

Ken Buck


Foreign aid spent in wrong areas

According to the U.S. Treasury, we spent $20.599 billion on foreign aid last year. That is 76 percent more than the $11.698 billion we spent on customs and border control. It mostly goes to countries or entities that support Sharia law and/or harbor terrorists who wish to destroy America and Israel.

Please go to and to learn more about Sharia law, its infiltration of America and what we all can do and must do to stop the Islamization of America.

Just do a little research and you will be shocked at what is happening right here that is against our Constitution but is Sharia compliant.

On another note – I think the government better outlaw subways. People are using them to murder others.

And hammers were used in more murders than guns last year; outlaw them.

Look that up, too.

Sharon Nagle


Gov’t needs to be more accountable

Our illustrious Gov. Tom Corbett and our legislators would like to keep the Penn State fine money of $60 million in Pennsylvania. That is as it should be.

However, many of us taxpayers would like to see the Pennsylvania Lottery money kept in Pennsylvania. That is as it should be, too.

Why can’t we have a referendum on important issues such as school vouchers, the lottery, privatization of state stores, voter ID law and other concerns that affect all of us? This is how it is done in many other states.

It would also mean that our elected officials do what the majority of the citizens approve, instead of our legislators selling out to special-interests and campaign contributors. I ask any and all of our local legislators to explain in this newspaper why we cannot have similar laws in our state.

I also want to congratulate our legislators, our public servants, on their automatic pay raise last month. They cut programs for the blind and elderly and special-needs children, but they found the money to give themselves a nice little Christmas present.

And please don’t tell me they don’t accept it. It still counts as a tax dedication and adds to their already-generous pensions.

I’ll bet they make their parents proud.

Don Sheridan


Barking dogs wearing on neighbors

Legislation needs to be drafted regarding barking dogs kept tied up 24 hours a day outside in all kinds of weather. This is inhumane treatment for the dogs and the neighbors who have to put up with this horrible situation.

Lack of sleep and feelings of helplessness cause health problems for the neighbors.

There is no purpose for dogs to be tied up 24 hours a day – day in and day out.

Something needs to be done.

Elizabeth Petney


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