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January 24, 2013

Readers' Forum 1-24 | Parents’ parking spot lost to favoritism

Submitted by Readers

— I am very concerned about the favoritism that goes on at City Hall.

My aunt and uncle had been parking on a spot on Iron Street in Minersville for a long time. They are elderly and both suffer from heart problems. They’re also handicapped.

The property owner rudely told them they can no longer park there. He also has bigwig friends at City Hall who gave him permission to install a cheap plastic enclosure he calls a snow fence.

The problem is, my cousin was told that the state owns that spot. So how can this property owner be given the right to do what he did?

Officials also painted on the state-owned street a no-parking area in front of this person’s house. What favoritism they have shown.

My problem is how this person obtains all of these perks. How unfair is this?

D.A. Gates


Fly flag respectfully and properly

A recent letter concerning a flag display demonstrated both a lack of common sense and understanding of flag etiquette and rules.

A flag may be displayed during inclement weather as long as it is an all-weather flag.

A flag may be displayed 24 hours a day as long as it is properly illuminated during hours of darkness.

The U.S. flag is the symbol of our country, the symbol of all military branches, and a symbol for all veterans, past and present, and the sacrifices they have made.

It is fine to display a flag in remembrance of a loved one, but do it respectfully and properly and with the honor the U.S. flag deserves.

Ronald Weakland


Start telling truth about abortion

It’s either all right to kill a baby in the womb or it’s not. Truth is not a choice, it’s absolute. You can’t say you have your truth and I have mine. Then everyone defines truth, which makes truth indefinable.

Truth doesn’t change with circumstances. When a baby is killed in the womb, a bright line is crossed. It’s clearly the difference between life and death – a truth that cannot be denied.

In order to justify this, it has become necessary to build a wall of denial and lies.

“It’s not a baby, it’s just a few cells,” activists say. Well, aren’t we all. We’re just a more developed, sophisticated collection of cells. When that first cell appears, it is life. When we destroy it, we end that life.

In a program featuring an educated, intelligent young woman who converted from atheism, she declared that contraception was the biggest lie told to women. It often doesn’t work and relies on abortion as a fallback, a complete denial of the pain and trauma many women feel after they have had an abortion.

Many try to kid themselves by declaring God to be pro-choice because He gives us free will. That’s a really dangerous delusion.

Why would God create a life and then tell us it’s OK to destroy it?

Another denial is that many women are forced into abortion. What is ironic is that when a woman is asked why, the reply given most often is: “I didn’t think I had a choice.”

Tom O’Toole



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