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February 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-1 | Employees should put best foot forward

— What do you get for being a loyal customer?

I had a satellite TV provider for more than three years. I paid my bill before I got it. I sent a check Dec. 31. I received a bill on Jan. 3. On Jan. 8, I got a message on my TV to pay my bill within 48 hours or my service would be disconnected. On Jan. 9, I called and a company representative said my check had not been received, so I paid it again. My check was received later that day.

I continued to have that message on my TV. I called the company. A technician told me how to remove it. It didn’t work. I called again. Another tech told me to do something else. It didn’t work. I called five times and was told five different things. On Jan. 18, the message was still there.

I called another satellite TV provider, which assured me it would not put any message on my TV. I get more channels with a smaller package than I had previously.

Also, why don’t clerks in stores and people in doctors’ offices realize that we are the reason they have jobs. Clerks who are rude and on cellphones upset me. I quit one doctor because of how rude the staff treated me.

I have also seen bosses who don’t realize they have good, loyal employees and don’t treat them right.

You would think with the economy so bad, people would put their best foot forward to keep their jobs.

Kay Carpenter


Rights were denied by majority rule

Our Founding Fathers declared that the pursuit of happiness shall be guaranteed and protected. Not so for the citizen who wants to own guns to protect self and family from the numerous dangers in a sick society.

Peace and happiness are the pursuits of gun owners, but majority rule prevails, denying them their minority rights.

In a similar manner, some senior citizens who choose to live in an assisted-living environment are being denied their minority rights by majority rule. 

The aggravating and disruptive situation that prompted a majority rule vote was to continue to play a local radio station’s program loudly during all meals in the dining room.

When I turned the radio off, the administration called a meeting of the residents to hold a kangaroo court without my wife or me present. We, of course, were found guilty of not agreeing to be disturbed by loud noise coming from a local station during meal times.

Majority rules. Pursuit of happiness denied.

Think about the more than 50 million fetuses in pro-choice mothers’ wombs who were butchered as a result of majority rule.

Those human beings were denied a chance to pursue happiness.

What’s next? Euthanasia? Is now the time the few majority rule remove the elderly because they are a burden to a debt-ridden, socialistic society?

Edward F. Podrasky


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