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February 1, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-1 | Employees should put best foot forward

Submitted by Readers

— What do you get for being a loyal customer?

I had a satellite TV provider for more than three years. I paid my bill before I got it. I sent a check Dec. 31. I received a bill on Jan. 3. On Jan. 8, I got a message on my TV to pay my bill within 48 hours or my service would be disconnected. On Jan. 9, I called and a company representative said my check had not been received, so I paid it again. My check was received later that day.

I continued to have that message on my TV. I called the company. A technician told me how to remove it. It didn’t work. I called again. Another tech told me to do something else. It didn’t work. I called five times and was told five different things. On Jan. 18, the message was still there.

I called another satellite TV provider, which assured me it would not put any message on my TV. I get more channels with a smaller package than I had previously.

Also, why don’t clerks in stores and people in doctors’ offices realize that we are the reason they have jobs. Clerks who are rude and on cellphones upset me. I quit one doctor because of how rude the staff treated me.

I have also seen bosses who don’t realize they have good, loyal employees and don’t treat them right.

You would think with the economy so bad, people would put their best foot forward to keep their jobs.

Kay Carpenter


Rights were denied by majority rule

Our Founding Fathers declared that the pursuit of happiness shall be guaranteed and protected. Not so for the citizen who wants to own guns to protect self and family from the numerous dangers in a sick society.

Peace and happiness are the pursuits of gun owners, but majority rule prevails, denying them their minority rights.

In a similar manner, some senior citizens who choose to live in an assisted-living environment are being denied their minority rights by majority rule. 

The aggravating and disruptive situation that prompted a majority rule vote was to continue to play a local radio station’s program loudly during all meals in the dining room.

When I turned the radio off, the administration called a meeting of the residents to hold a kangaroo court without my wife or me present. We, of course, were found guilty of not agreeing to be disturbed by loud noise coming from a local station during meal times.

Majority rules. Pursuit of happiness denied.

Think about the more than 50 million fetuses in pro-choice mothers’ wombs who were butchered as a result of majority rule.

Those human beings were denied a chance to pursue happiness.

What’s next? Euthanasia? Is now the time the few majority rule remove the elderly because they are a burden to a debt-ridden, socialistic society?

Edward F. Podrasky


Our latest civil war is Obama vs. Americans

Thomas Paine said, “We fight not to enslave, but to set a country free, and to make room upon the earth for honest men to live in.” To find peace fight for justice.

The works of Abraham Lincoln and the Founding Fathers of the USA are being ignored. The things that were fought for in the past don’t count in the present.

We have no president, because we have not elected one yet. Barack Obama is the new Jim Jones.

In Newtown, Conn., Obama was more concerned about being politically correct  then being compassionate.

Charlton Heston said, “Politically correctness is tyranny with manners.”

False gods always fail, but the true God will always prevail. The Obama administration constricts the rights of those it feels are a threat to the president, such as people of faith and conservatives.

In the next four years, protect your guns, your religion, your children and your rights.

I agree that there is civil war going on, but it is not Democrat versus Republican, it’s Obama versus the American people.

Ron Marol


Coverage has taken a biased direction

Over the past year, it has become apparent to me, as well as to many others, that The Tribune-Democrat is undergoing some changes in regard to the kinds of content it is publishing.

I don’t know if this is a conscious decision, the result of different leadership, or something else entirely, but the writing has definitely taken a somewhat slanted, biased direction.

Reporter objectivity is hard to find, especially with some of the hot-button issues of our area (murder cases, molestation claims, etc.).

Also, some of the readers’ letters published as of late have taken on a more specific approach, and sometimes border on personal defamation, either directly or indirectly.

I don’t know what to think about these changes, either. On one hand, I applaud the transparency. I like the edgy feeling of it, and I think, on occasion, it helps the reader relate. It always feels good to know that there is a heartbeat behind the scenes. I also like the fact that, as I am writing this, I have a certain surety that it will be published.

On the other hand, however, I do believe misplaced bias can add to the negativity of an already struggling region, especially in a day and age when a person can snap at any time, even over the most trivial of claims.

I’m sure we can all agree that it is hard enough just living in this city, let alone being personally attacked in the town newspaper.

Matt Martinek


Full-time pay for part-time work                                                             Our representatives and senators are probably laughing all the way to the bank. The representatives in Harrisburg worked about 57 days last year, while our senators put in a whopping 63 days. According to their pay and per diems, that comes to about $4,000 a day for each day worked.

Why not be as Vermont and some other states and have only part-time legislators and give them part-time pay? They meet several times a year and seem to have no trouble running their states.

Why not demand part-time pay since they only work part time? We wouldn’t be paying the enormous bills for their pensions if they were only part time.

It’s time we wake up and demand from anyone running for office that he or she  initiate and push bills to cut the Legislature and make term limits of eight years maximum. Also, work on making our representatives and senators part-time employees. After all, aren’t they supposed to be working for us?

William H. Flook

East Conemaugh

Unscrupulous lowlife took hunter’s trophy

On the first day of last year’s rifled deer season, I was hunting near Babcock Park near Windber.

I had just walked to my spot I had picked earlier that month. As soon as I got there, I kicked up three does and one huge, nice buck.

I pulled up my rifle, had the buck in the scope and pulled the trigger. Boom, my dream buck just came true, or so I thought.

I found the blood trail and started to follow it, a smile ear to ear. The buck led me down to the bottom of the handicap road where it opens into a small field. I found where the big buck laid down to die, but he was not there.

There was one set of tracks and a big drag mark that led to the road. My friend’s dad was hunting the top of the handicap road. He told me a maroon SUV came flying up the road, and on the back rack was a huge buck. This so-called hunter did not gut this deer, just grabbed it and took off.

I am writing so people who know this guy know he did not earn this deer or shoot it.

In my eyes, a hunter puts time in the woods, does his homework and tags his own kill.

Tim Brewer


Sitting at computer a better alternative?

It is with a sad heart that I write this letter. I am sitting with my 6-year-old grandson, who is crying because his pet turtle was taken from his family.

His family was fishing over four years ago when they spotted Franklin in the water, caught him and placed him in a 55-gallon aquarium, where he has been taken care of ever since.

My grandson’s future stepfather had a permit to do some hunting in 2012 and forgot to turn it in to the state. As a result, a Pennsylvania fish commission officer came to their home two weeks ago and spotted the turtle. He told them it was illegal to have the turtle.

He came back recently, took the turtle and issued the family a $100 fine.

When the officer was at the home for the first visit, he even asked if there were more turtles and threatened to search the home.

He also stated, as my daughter had told him they liked to catch frogs, there is a limit on bullfrogs and she had to watch how many of those the family caught.

I guess you should make sure before you take your family outdoors to know all the laws of Pennsylvania regarding how many of our God-given creatures you can capture, touch or look at.

Then again, the safest route to take would be to just stay inside, be on the computer or Nintendo and stay safe.

Merry Smith


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