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November 23, 2013

Readers' Forum 11-23 | Where are rights of property owners?

JOHNSTOWN — It seems like every day or so there is something in the paper about the city sewer project and pressure testing.

I am on the side of letter writers from Johnstown and Dan Penatzer from the Forest Hills area who object, and I salute Pete Vizza, a councilman from Johnstown who tried to do what many Johnstowners wanted.

I attended the November meeting in Stonycreek Township and I listened as speakers told about the charts and graphs and why they thought this was the way to go. I was not convinced. I respect their right to believe what they want, but I totally disagree.

The city must put in the new sewer line, and we must connect to it, and I am fine with that. But they should not tell us we must rip up our basements and spend thousands of dollars to change something that works just fine.

The thing they are missing is: This is our property and if there was something wrong we would fix it. My wife and I pay taxes and try to keep our home nice.

These gentlemen who ran for office, I would bet, would tell us they want to help us, but I am pretty sure if this was put on the ballot and the people of Stonycreek Township were told what was about to happen to them and their homes, it would never pass. Instead of dictating what we should do on our own property, do what you were elected to do – represent all the people.

Harold “Butch” Price

Stonycreek Township

Politicians are not helping taxpayers

I would like to know why our driver’s license fees and our registration fees were raised supposedly to fix roads and bridges, and now our politicians, once again, want to raise them along with raising the gasoline tax in Pennsylvania?

Why are other states’ gas taxes a lot lower? Gasoline is cheaper once you get out of Pennsylvania. How do these states fix their roads and bridges without raising gas prices? Pennsylvania is rated third in the nation for highest taxes.

I would also like to know why Cambria County residents have to get vehicles checked for emissions inspection? If you travel to Windber, there is no emission test. It doesn’t seem fair. It is illegal for Windber garages to inspect Cambria County vehicles because Harrisburg says we have a Cambria County address.

Who do we blame? Our politicians aren’t helping us, but they want us to vote for them at election time. I think it is time for a whole new crew in our government because our politicians don’t know how to handle the money that comes in. I think this is the reason why we do not have money to fix our roads and bridges.

I’m on a fixed income, along with thousands of other people. Where is this additional money supposed to come from when we are barely making it with what we have? Why don’t our politicians take a cut in their wages and benefits and try living in the real world like the rest of us?

Bob George


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