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December 18, 2012

Readers' Forum 12-18 | Combine water, sewer, trash bills into one

JOHNSTOWN — Ever since the sewer company split the billing into two, I have received only the second portion of the bill from the out-of-town company twice. For November and December, I have received nothing.

Some of my friends are getting late charges and double billed for these bills that haven’t been received.

We have no idea who to call to find out what is going on since the regional sewage office on Main Street in downtown Johnstown was closed.

I can pay the first part of the sewer bill, the blue card, which I get every month. I don’t see where splitting the bill in two has helped. It seems that we are paying more and being charged late fees when we don’t receive the bill on time – or at all.

I think the water bill, both sewer bills and the garbage bill should be merged into  one bill. Yes, it can be done. Florida does it this way. Why is Johnstown so far behind the times?

It wouldn’t take long to do a study to see if that is feasible. If Florida can do it, so can we. That way, the billing company would know who pays the bills, for they would have to have water to cook, bathe, and flush the toilet and have their trash picked up.

Many citizens are underemployed, unemployed or living on fixed incomes and pay their bills when they get their money. We don’t need late fees on bills we never receive.

Rhonda Michelle


Like him or not, respect president

When I was growing up I never heard such disrespect for a president of the United States as I do today.

We wouldn’t have our freedom of speech if not for our veterans, military and commander in chief.

If we can talk so badly about our own president, what is the rest of the world saying about our country?

Are they just bad losers or do people really dislike Obama that much? If people think that one man can bring us down then this country would have crumbled long ago.

We come from all over the world. This is the melting pot. Despite Obama or any other president, we the people stand as one.

Whether you like the man or not, respect the presidency. God Bless America.

Dawn Gorzelsky

West End

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