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February 24, 2013

Readers' Forum 2-24 | Protection guidelines for women asinine

— If you are a parent of a daughter, consider this scenario.

Your daughter just finished shopping for your birthday presents. As she walks to the car, two men confront her. They are not interested in taking your presents. They are interested only in taking your daughter.

According to recent suggestions by less-than-brilliant politicians, your daughter should use one of the following tactics to protect herself and escape her attackers. She could:

* Urinate on her attackers (hope she drank a lot of water).

* Vomit on her attackers (hope she ate something unsettling).

* Run to the nearest “safe zone” (hope her attackers let her pass to do so).

* Pretend she is sick (hope her attackers are compassionate and let her go).

The absurd list goes on and on. 

My daughter is beautiful, bright and strong-willed, and I don’t question how she can best protect herself from thugs and rapists. By the time she is in high school, she will have a black belt in martial arts and will be a firearm marksman.

It is nauseating that politicians are insinuating that women are simply not adept enough to handle guns. All women should be insulted that their representatives believe the best protection for them is to urinate on an attacker.

Government is failing us, in every corner, in every way, and now they are coming after your daughter, your wife, your mother and your sister.

Don’t let them take them from you.

Carol Wright-Burkett


On Capitol Hill, return of the clowns

Once again, our lackluster masters of partisan posturing and political bickering are front and center on the congressional stage of Jesters’ Guild.

Unlike the Oscars of the Screen Actors Guild, theirs is an award embracing circus clowns.

This characterization depicts those whose sole existence embraces chicanery.

We, with a much greater focus, perceive their “fiscal cliff” as an “abyss” devoid of the elements of accountability and responsibility.

If bipartisanship could ever be considered an art, it certainly has morphed into a present-day morbid science of phlebotomy.

Our president has been a victim of such bloodletting for four years and is destined to another four.

Those who refuse to accept losing will continue spewing their own blood by gnashing their teeth while licking their wounds.

William L. Wantiez


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