The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

March 28, 2013

Rothfus supports term limits

Dave Sutor

JOHNSTOWN — Shortly after being elected last year, U.S. Rep. Keith Rothfus, R-Sewickley, told an audience at Sunnehanna Country Club in Westmont that if fortunate enough to be re-elected multiple times, he would not serve more than six terms.

Apparently the freshman congressman thinks that is not only a good personal policy, but also should be the law of the land.

Rothfus, who represents Pennsylvania’s 12th district, recently became the fifth co-sponsor of House Joint Resolution 26, a proposed amendment to the Constitution that would limit congressmen to serving

12 consecutive years: Six two-year terms for representatives or two six-year terms for senators.

“Washington is broken,” Rothfus said. “Citizen legislators with real-world and private-sector experience are needed now more than ever, given the challenges we face. Term limits would ensure that our representatives and senators are citizen legislators who serve for a season and then return to life as private citizens.”

The proposed legislation was introduced by another first-term congressman, Rep. Gar­land “Andy” Barr, R-Ky.

“During my first two months in Congress, I have seen why this amendment is more essential than ever,” Barr said. “Despite the polarized environment in Washington, my freshman colleagues and I were able to form a bipartisan working group committed to addressing Washington’s spending problem and achieving genuine reform.”

Under Barr’s proposal, members of Congress would have to spend a full year out of office after their 12-year limit expired before being eligible for election or appointment.

Time spent filling a vacancy would not count toward the total, unless it was more than three years for a senator or one year for a representative. Any term spent in office prior to the ratification of the amendment would not be included either.

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