The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

April 18, 2013

Panel named to make City Council selection

Dave Sutor

JOHNSTOWN — A three-judge panel has been assigned the job of picking Johnstown’s new City Council member.

Cambria County Judges Linda Fleming, David Tulowitzki and Patrick Kiniry were appointed to the positions by President Judge Timothy P. Creany. They will name a person to finish out the term of former Councilwoman Ann Wilson, a Republican, who died Feb. 19.

“I think they’ll be fair and they’ll make the right decision about who’s the best person to appoint to council,” Councilman Frank Janakovic said.

The task of filling the vacancy originally fell to City Council. However, the board failed to pick a replacement despite voting twice.

William Gentile Jr., Pete Vizza and Mayor Thomas Trigona supported Fred Mickel, a Republican, both times.

In the first vote, Janakovic, Rose Howarth and Marie Mock backed Democrat Anthony “Red” Pinizzotto, a former councilman. During the second attempt to pick a replacement, they voted for Angela Gorzelsky as a potential compromise candidate.

Council needed to fill the vacancy within 45 days of Wilson’s death. When no individual was selected, city voters had the right to petition the court to name a replacement. A properly executed petition has since been filed.

“Especially when you have six people on council that are all Democrats – and three of them go one way and three of them go the other way – it just doesn’t fly right, but that’s life,” Gentile said. “What else you going to do?”

Any Johnstown resident interested in applying for the job should send a resume and letter of interest to Cambria County court c/o William Valko, court administrator, 200 S. Center St., Ebensburg, Pa. 15931.

The deadline to apply is April 29 at 4 p.m.

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