The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

July 15, 2013

Missing road signs worry Adams chief

Patrick Buchnowski

— Vandals are at work again stealing road signs, this time in Adams Township.

Adams police Chief Kirk Moss said thieves have made off with five stop signs and two street signs since June 30.

“We thought it was a fad that’s going to go away, but obviously it’s not,” Moss said.

The stop sign at Cider Press and Blue roads was the latest target of miscreants. In some cases, the signs and the posts are taken, he said.

Stolen signs are a danger to motorists, especially out-of-towners who are not familiar with the area’s roads.

“If you don’t know there’s a sign missing and you go blowing through an intersection, you’re going to get T-boned,” Moss said. “We’re very, very concerned.”

Supervisors in Conemaugh Township, Somerset County, reported in May that about 15 street signs and metal posts had been snatched from the North Fork and Thomas Mills areas. The problem is worsening, township Supervisor Steven Bun-cich said.

“We’ve lost six or eight more,” he said. “The problem seems pretty much isolated to the North Fork Dam area.”

Stops signs also have been run over, which authorities believe was intentional, Buncich said.

No arrests have been made, Conemaugh Township police Chief Louis Barclay said.

The thieves could face charges including theft, receiving stolen property, vandalism and reckless endangerment.

Anyone with information on the Adams Township thefts may call the Cambria County nonemergency number, 1-800-281-1680.

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