The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

January 30, 2013

Cambria officials granted 3% raises

Sandra K Reabuck

EBENSBURG — The Cambria County commissioners have approved pay raises of 3 percent a year for all county row-office holders for four years, starting next year.

All but Sheriff Bob Kolar already were in line for 3 percent raises this year. Because he is elected in a four-year cycle from other officeholders, his salary lagged behind for 2013.

With the new yearly raises in place, the salary of President Commissioner Douglas Lengenfelder will increase by $7,616 from the current $60,674 to $68,290 in 2017.

The salaries of the two other commissioners will go from $58,146 to $65,444, an increase of $7,298 during the next four years.

Kolar, who is running for a fifth consecutive term this year, currently is paid $53,027, slightly less than the $54,354 paid to the other officeholders.

Under the new salary schedule, Kolar and the other officeholders will be paid $55,985 in 2014 and $61,176 by 2017.

With Kolar – or any other candidate running for sheriff –  having to know what the salary would be for the new term, the commissioners brought that salary up to be consistent with the others, Lengenfelder said.

Dropped from the salary schedule are the two jury commissioners. The commissioners agreed to abolish those part-time offices after this year.

They are being paid $11,401 each this year.

All of the officeholders receive benefits and are included in the county’s pension system.

In addition to the salary schedule action, the commissioners adjusted slightly the pay for the county’s 26 property tax collectors, starting in 2014. All of the tax collectors are up for election this year, and their rates for the new term also had to be set, the commissioners said.

The rate per parcel will go up 5 cents to $2.957 for each of the first 2,500 parcels, with a minimum payment of $500 a year. The rate currently is $2.907.

There was no change in the $1.275 rate for each parcel over 2,500.

County judges are paid by the state and not included in the county salary schedule.

All of the changes were approved at a special meeting of the commissioners Tuesday night at the courthouse.

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