The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

February 24, 2011

Accused pranksters charged with harassment

Couple found cow’s head in box on their doorstep

Sandra K. Reabuck

EBENSBURG — Borough police filed summary harassment charges Thursday against a Revloc man and a Gallitzin man in what the two claimed was a prank when they left a head from a butchered cow on the doorstep at a local couple’s house.

Sgt. Robert Sapp filed one count against William Criste Delaney, 62, of the 100 block of Harding Avenue, Revloc, and Charles Wilkinson, 40, of the 1400 block of Syberton Road, Gallitzin.

The charges were filed at the office of District Judge Fred Creany. Each of the charges carries a $50 fine, plus $144.50 in various court costs, or a total of $194.50.  

Creany’s office said charges will be mailed out to the two men, who then have the choice of entering a guilty plea and paying the fines and costs or requesting a hearing before him on the harassment charge.

Sapp alleged that the two men engaged “in a course of conduct which served no legitimate purpose” by placing a cow’s head in a box,  addressing it to the victims and placing it at their doorstep.

The box was left at an East Ogle Street residence around 10:30 p.m. Feb. 16, Sapp said.

The couple had been away several days and found the cardboard box Saturday when returning home. The couple, upset with finding the head on their doorstep, called the police.

Police Chief Terry Wyland said that officers had determined who the perpetrators were even before they showed up Tuesday night at the police station to confess what they had done.

Wyland said the two men were friends of the couple and that one of them had experience in butchering cows.