The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 2, 2013

Supporters pack bar to cheer on the Buccos

Frank Sojak

— Fans of the Pittsburgh Pirates packed Woodside Bar and Grill in Belmont on Tuesday night to watch the Buccos play the Cincinnati Reds in the National League wild-card playoff game.

The crowd applauded as the Pirates ran onto the field at PNC Park in Pittsburgh to start the game.

Megan Eckenrode, a barmaid, said it was exciting to see the Pirates in postseason play.

“I hope they go far,” she said.

Woodside was giving away Pirates T-shirts and Woodside gift certificates to thank fans for their support of the Pirates, she said.

Terry Bell of Roxbury, a Woodside customer, said he has been a Pirates’ fan forever.

“I’m hoping that they will go to the World Series,” he said.

The Pirates looked great all year, he said.

Both Bell and another customer, Matt Majcher, also of Roxbury, said the Pirates signed some new players who really helped the team.

“I’m super excited,” Majcher said about the Pirates being in the playoffs. “I was 8 years old the last time (1992) they were in the playoffs.”

Doug Labarko of Ferndale was at Woodside with his fiancee, Amber Lautenbacher, and friends Brian Torr and Dan Thompson.

“I have high hopes that they will go to the World Series,” Labarko said of the Buccos.

“I think that they have the best pitching staff in baseball,” he said.

He likewise believes the team made some great player acquisitions recently.

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