The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 8, 2013

School board honors lemonade stand victim

Frank Sojak

JOHNSTOWN — Anthony Sanders, a fifth-grader at East Side Elementary School, was honored Tuesday by the Greater Johnstown school board for his courage in standing up to a robber.

Anthony was honored previously by Johnstown City Council, Johnstown police and St. Francis University for his entrepreneurial spirit.

Schools Superintendent Gerald Zahorchak presented Anthony with a plaque featuring a picture of a lemonade stand and a likeness of Anthony.

Zahorchak also unveiled a large lemonade stand that was constructed by officials and students in the school district.

Anthony was working at his lemonade stand in Moxham along with his sister, Gabryelle Sanders, and friends Dominik Nelson and Tyler Nixon when an older boy stole his money box containing $30.

Anthony said the next day he, along with Dominik and Tyler, went to the robber’s home and confronted him. Anthony also resumed operating his lemonade stand that day.

“It’s exciting,” Anthony said about being honored by the school board. ”Now I have a stand that I can use to sell hot chocolate and coffee.

The new stand has a built-in roof and other features to offer protection to him and his goods during inclement weather.

“I thank everyone who built that for me. It shows that everyone cares about me and what I was doing.”

Thomas Dadey, the school board member who came up with the idea of honoring Anthony, said he is proud of what Anthony did.

Dadey said he was impressed with Anthony’s courage to continue working the lemonade stand.

Board President Richard Unger said Anthony is an asset to the community.

Anthony is a role model for other students because of his courage, Unger said. Anthony will be a success in life due to the fact that he knows how to overcome adversity, he said.