The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 16, 2013

Ferndale man warned for harassing workers

Patrick Buchnowski

JOHNSTOWN — A local magistrate warned an 81-year-old Ferndale man on Wednesday to stop harassing sewer workers.

District Judge John Barron of Stonycreek Township told Leonard J. Facciani that if he stays out of trouble for 90 days, Ferndale police will drop harassment charges against him.

“You leave them alone, they leave you alone,” Barron said.

Borough police filed two harassment charges – one a misdemeanor and the other a summary – stemming from an Aug. 13 incident in the 900 block of Summit Avenue.

In a police criminal complaint, the owner of Ground Control, the Johnstown company installing a sewer line, accused Facciani of harassing workers by telling them the project was unnecessary, they were doing it wrong and that borough workers should all be fired.

Facciani is accused of “ranting” at workers about “using the wrong stone filler around the pipe and that using slag on top of the stone filler was not allowed,” the complaint said.

Facciani, who said he was a retired engineer, entered the courtroom wearing a suit and tie, walking with a cane and carrying a bundle of papers.

He denied harassing anyone. Facciani said he felt it was his responsibility to report improper work.

“I’m an experienced engineer,” he said. “Are you saying I should disregard my professional responsibility?”

The feisty Facciani did agree to stay away from the job site. He said he would also stop attending borough council meetings.

He left the courtroom, but not before handing the judge his credentials and a stack of papers.

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