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June 21, 2013

Windber stunt show thrills fans

Frank Sojak

WINDBER — Thousands of people watched in amazement Friday evening as two motorcyclists jumped 40 feet into the air while doing aerial stunts during Windber Rumbles, one of numerous Thunder in the Valley festivities.

“My heart stopped,” said Deb Walker of Windber, while Seth Elliott and Dean Dotson of East Coast Free Style Motorcross sped up ramps while jumping four stories in height and

70 feet in length in the center of town.

“If they were my children, they would not be doing that.”

Darlene Turner of Hoovers-ville said the jumpers did a good job.

“They are wonderful and scary,” she said about their dangerous stunts.

Melody Whitaker of Windber was at the event with her son, Caleb, 7, and two neighbor children, Emily and Joey.

 “It’s exciting and terrifying at the same time,” she said about the show. “I’m afraid they’re going to crash.

Wayne Gnagey of Salisbury, who was at the event with his wife, Melissa, said it was the first time he has seen such a motorcycle show in person.

“It’s pretty cool,” he said.

Brian Eichenlaub of Altoona, who along with his girlfriend, Hollie Price of Bedford, drove their motorcycles to the event, said the motorcyclists put on a good show.

“The guys rode well,” he said. “You can tell they are experienced, and that they had control of their bikes.”

Tracy Horner of Windber, who watched the show with his wife, Sheli, and their daughter, Maylon, 8, said they always support Windber events.

Maylon said she had a good time at the event because she was able to see her friends from school.

“I liked the bike show,” Maylon said.

Chris and Karen Golden of Westmont said they came to the event to see the motorcycle jumpers.

Mrs. Golden said they missed the motorcycle show last year because they were having dinner at the Windber Hotel and could not get out in time because of many people ahead of them ordering the good food.

Hunter Miller, 10, Johns-town, who was at the show with his mother, Carey, and sister, Molly, 17, said the motorcycles were cool.

“My favorite jump was the Superman,” he said about the how the motorcyclists jumped while in a prone position.

Scott Mulhollen, Richland Township, was at the event with his daughter, Kyra, 14, and son, Brett, 8.

“It was mind-blowing,” Kyra said about the motorcycle show.

“It was scary at some points.”

Dale Phillips, Windber, said he walked a mile to see the motorcyclists.

“I thought it was a very good show,” he said.

Bill Blackburn, Bedford, said he thought the show was awesome.

“I just came over to get away from home, have a little fun, and get something to eat,” he said.

The event was organized by the Windber Volunteer Fire Company.

Assistant fire Chief Bob Haddad said the event was going well. “The crowd is building,” he said before the motorcycle show started. “The vendors are doing well. We certainly are thankful for the nice weather.”

One of the 23 vendors at the event were the J-town Roller Girls.

When the motorcyclists were done with their show, a couple of members of the team put on a demonstration for the crowd.

Manning the J-town booth were Christina Biancuzzo and Kayla Blough, both players, and SanDee Cardon, a team supporter.

Biancuzzo said they started the team in May and are hoping to start playing games in the fall at the Windber Community Building.

Vince Logue of Central City said he came to the event to look at the bikes and enjoy cold drinks.


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