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November 27, 2010

Beaverdale teen to be featured on A&E show

JOHNSTOWN — Late-night television watchers can see a local face tonight by tuning into the A&E channel at 11 p.m.

Ryan Michaels, 16, of Beaverdale, a junior at Forest Hills High School, will be featured on “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.”

In this final episode bringing the show’s third season to a close, Ryan has an opportunity to display the psychic powers he first became aware of when he was in elementary school.

“I personally realized it when I was 10 years old,” said Ryan in an interview at the home of his grandmother, Margaret Minor of Summerhill Township.

He had a dream about a

52-year-old aunt he was close to. In that dream she told him she would die on the “6th night,” and he should come visit her on the 6th night.

“I didn’t think anything of it, it was just a dream, until we got the call of her death,” Ryan said. “She died the 6th night after the dream.”

As Ryan grew older, he became more aware of his psychic powers and eventually Sara, a girl in her late teens who had committed suicide, attached herself to him.

Other spirits also have made themselves known to him, including one he named “Mr. Unknown,” who is with Ryan at all times.

Over the years he has had premonitions, usually of vehicle crashes with fatalities or dogs getting hit.

But 99 percent of his spiritual experiences have been good ones, he said, seeing people with deceased loved ones, including some who have communicated with him about their welfare.

“I never let the people know, but I keep the messages in a journal,” he said.

Ryan said his strongest psychic abilities are premonitions

– before something happens

– and remote viewings, when he takes his spirit and goes to a location.

Much of the past six years of his life he has spent in research to better understand his psychic abilities and make the best use of them.

He learned of the A&E series on the Internet and contacted producers in late 2009.

A team came to Beaverdale to interview him in June and in early August he was involved in two days of filming.

“Psychic Kids” co-executive producer Kathleen Blake confirmed that Ryan will be on the show tonight.

Through an e-mail, Blake said they have wrapped up production and she is now on another project.

A&E’s website lists Ryan as being teamed up with Nicole, a 17-year-old who communicates with spirits and is traumatized by them.

It describes Ryan as having premonitions of tragic events and knowing details about people without having met them.

The production crew took Ryan to Rochester, N.Y., to the Adam’s Basin Inn, a western New York historic bed and breakfast on the towpath of the Erie Canal.

In a test to determine his psychic ability, the producers had him walk through the inn and “pick up on stuff.”

“I made some really good historic hits. I felt there was a man and woman who had died there and they did,” he said.

Ryan was also involved in a missing-persons case and provided enough information to warrant a reopening of the investigation, he said.

The whole thing is a mystery to Minor, a lifelong resident of the Beaverdale area.

“I really don’t understand it,” she said.

But she adds she has seen evidence of her grandson’s psychic abilities, especially with information provided about his grandfather.

As for the future, Ryan has an interest in the medical field, perhaps in becoming a nurse, but he isn’t ruling our a career in what he terms the “next spiritual plane.”

“I’m always open to helping people. I’m willing to work on missing-persons cases,” he said.

On the air

• Ryan Michaels.

• Tonight, 11 p.m. A&E’s “Psychic Kids: Children of the Paranormal.”


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