The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

March 7, 2013

Confluence chief still on the job

Dave Sutor

CONFLUENCE — Tom Keller is still serving as Confluence’s police chief, according to the borough’s council president, John Tressler.

Last week, Confluence Mayor Allen Gyorko told multiple news outlets, including The Tribune-Democrat, that Keller had resigned after a racy photograph of the chief and his wife surfaced online.

However, on Thursday, Tressler and Gyorko confirmed the resignation did not become official.

“We had not had anything in writing to us,” said Tressler. He further stated, “The chief of police is still working.”

Tressler declined to comment further, calling it a personnel matter.

“They told me he did (resign), but due to circumstances (he didn’t),” Gyorko said.

Shortly after announcing Keller’s resignation, Gyorko stepped down from his position as mayor of the small Somerset County municipality, citing health reasons.

“I really can’t say any more, right now,” he said.

The chief claimed the picture was taken from his private Facebook page. In it, he is shown with one arm wrapped around a young woman. His other hand is near her crotch.

She is holding a gun in one hand. Another firearm is stuffed into the front of his wife’s jeans and displayed against the backdrop of her bare midriff. Keller previously claimed the photograph was made public by somebody he previously arrested.

Keller could not be immediately reached for comment.

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