The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

October 30, 2012

Today’s edition of newspaper prints early

Dave Sutor

JOHNSTOWN — Today’s edition of The Tribune-Democrat was printed more than 24 hours before it was shipped to residences and businesses across the region.

The paper is usually finished around 1 a.m. and sent out soon afterward. However, because of concerns that the storm currently ripping across the region could cause widespread power outages, the company decided to print this edition one day early. It was completed around midnight on Tuesday.

In order to meet the early press start for today’s edition, The Tribune-Democrat staff put Tuesday’s paper to bed earlier than usual Monday evening.

“From our analysis and tracking, this storm is the real deal. High winds and snow look certain,” said Publisher Robin Quillon.

“Our track record of uninterrupted service to our readers over these many years is very important to us, and the safety of our independent newspaper carriers is paramount. With those two priorities in mind, and not knowing if the power will remain on consistently, we decided not only to go early printing Tuesday’s paper, but we also decided to print Wednesday’s paper Monday night as well.”

It is believed to be the first time The Tribune-Democrat has printed an edition in advance. That includes its production schedule during the chaos of the 1977 Flood.

“In my 44 years here, I would use the word ‘unprecedented,’ ” said Tribune-Democrat staff writer Tom Lavis. “Perhaps we never did because we never had the cutting-edge technology of our current production level.”

Certain items, such as winning lottery numbers and death notices, could not be included today. Please see Thursday’s newspaper for that information. The company will continue posting content, including storm updates, at, barring a power outage in the downtown Johns­town area.