The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

August 22, 2013

Johnstown district renews pact for officer in high school

Patrick Buchnowski

JOHNSTOWN — City police Officer Chad Miller will again patrol the corridors of Greater Johnstown High School in the coming school year.

The school board voted unanimously on Thursday to renew a one-year contract for Miller as the school resource officer at $30 per hour.

It’s a position he has held since 2007.

“He does a phenomenal job,” district Superintendent Gerald Zahorchak said. “He relates well to the kids. He works well with the faculty. He works well with the administration.

“We have a really nice relationship with the Johnstown Police Department,” Zahorchak said.

In a March interview with The Tribune-Democrat, Miller said he is certified through the National Association of School Resource Officers and trained in crisis management and handling metal health issues.

It’s not an easy job.

“You have kids who don’t trust you and kids who hate cops,” Miller said. “You have to love working with young people and understand where they’re coming from.”

In other business, the board agreed to honor 10-year-old East Side Elementary School student Anthony Sanders with a plaque at its September meeting.

Anthony was robbed of $30 in July by a 12-year-old boy with a BB gun as he set up his lemonade stand. He was back selling lemonade at his street corner stand in Moxham the next day.

“Being a 10-year-old, he wasn’t going to let that incident deter him,” said board member Thomas Dadey, who proposed the idea.

“I would like us as a board to recognize him for his determination,” Dadey said.