The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

January 24, 2013

Residents fighting poll plan

Sandra K Reabuck

EBENSBURG — Residents from Valley Pike Manor in Johns­­town’s 8th Ward have filed a petition objecting to the plan to consolidate their voting pre­cinct with a neighboring one.

The Cambria County commissioners propose to consolidate 76 districts into 38, a step that if approved would reduce the number of voting precincts to 127 from 165.

President Judge Timothy Creany will hold a hearing on the county’s proposed precinct consolidation at 1 p.m. Tuesday. Resi­dents and officials from the affected districts or municipalities as well as political party leaders will be able to raise objections at the hearing.

A total of 42 manor residents signed a petition objecting to the 8th Ward No. 1 precinct being consolidated with 8th Ward No. 2, which currently votes at the Nelson G. Loughner Plaza at 51 Akers St., a few blocks away from the apartment complex.

The manor residents now vote in their building.

The residents have expressed concern about having to go to the plaza location to vote, county election director Shirley Crowl said Thursday.

But, Crowl said, “The location of the (new) precincts are not set in stone.”

The commissioners have said that the precinct consolidation would save $39,988 per election, or $79,976 a year.

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