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Robin L. Quillon

May 20, 2012

Robin L. Quillon | Pinterest, a virtual pinboard – and a chic site on steroids

— Old moose heads beware!

Hey guys, do you know about the Internet site Pinterest? If not, I’d advise you to smarten up as soon as possible, before it’s too late to stop the insanity.

Pinterest is the latest rage of social sites on the Internet.

In my humble opinion that, like Facebook, this is a chic’s chick site on steroids.

Guys, before you read any further, take my advice: Go quickly (don’t let your wives see you) and look under the kitchen sink. If you find any     – and I mean any – leftover cleaning supplies or liquids, whatsoever, throw them out now. This Pinterest site is turning every woman into a modern-day MacGyver.

Just last week, inspired by this site, my wife Cindy concocted an awful-smelling something from leftover chemicals she found under the sink. She used her invention to remove a dime-sized spot on the rug left by our teacup Chihuahua.

The concoction’s smell alone would knock a buzzard off of a gut wagon. Our windows are still open, and I believe I saw Sam, my neighbor, standing on his front porch sniffing the air, trying to locate the source of that awful smell.

Brethren, save yourselves. Act now. Lock out this Internet site while you still can. It’s too late for me, but I pray for all of you.

As defined on the Internet, Pinterest  is “a pinboard-style social photo sharing website that allows users (mostly women) to create and manage theme-based image collections such as cleaning dog spots, events, interests, hobbies and much more.”

Users can browse other pinboards for inspiration, re-pin images to their own collections and/or like photos.

In other words, Cindy is responsible for passing along an awful-smelling dog-spot removal.

Pinterest’s mission is to connect everyone in the world through the things they find interesting, via a global platform of inspiration and idea- sharing.

Pinterest allows its users to share pins on both Twitter and Facebook, which allows users to share and interact with a broad community.

My wife’s dog-spot removal is now being tested somewhere in a home in Bangladesh.

Pinterest is one of the fastest-growing social sites in the world. Sadly, Cindy’s spot brew has now debuted globally – to the world community.

But more than likely, someone added honey or leftover air freshener to sweeten the smell and re-pinned it, and now I will get a second dose  as soon as she sees it.

Please pray for me.

I believe they should re-name this site “Pinworm-interest,” a site for those itching for new ideas!

Or, and closer to the point, “Sanford and Sons Junkyard Inspiration,” because what this site really does is inspire you (mostly the ladies) to take gaudy-looking junk and repurpose it into usable stuff around the house.

Don’t get me wrong, the old adage of use it up, wear it out, make it do, or do without is good advice. But in the case of removing a dog spot, look, it’s simple: Grab a sock, a dish towel or any other cloth lying around, place it over the spot and step on it until the spot goes away.

Problem solved, what’s for dinner ...?

Enlightened by this site, my wife the other day cut up one of my slightly worn button-down Oxford shirts, made herself a shirt, and used the cuffs she cut off because the sleeves were too long for her to create two little cloth purses for my two granddaughters.

She looked at me proudly, twirled around and exclaimed, “Check out my new house shirt. And, oh Honey, aren’t these two little cloth purses to die for?”

Realizing my answer could dramatically shift the tone for the rest of the weekend, I responded: “Wow, Honey, that really is neat stuff.”

Our son Ty was standing behind her, out of sight. His eyes opened wide and his mouth contorted in an expression that said, “House shirt? Two cloth purses! What the heck is wrong with Mom?”

So my advice to you, guys, is simple: Steer your gal away from Pinterest while you can.

Or trust me, that old moose head hanging in your garage collecting dust could very well be your new Pinterest living room chandelier.

Robin L. Quiillon is publisher of The Tribune-Demo-crat. He can be reached at

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