The Tribune Democrat, Johnstown, PA

November 6, 2011

Robin L. Quillon | Small donation can have huge impact

Robin L. Quillon

— I am reminded of a primary song I sang as a child in church. The song was about a tiny stream of water and it went something like this:

“Singing, singing, all the way, give away, oh give away, singing, singing all the way, give, oh give away. I’m small I know, but wherever I go the grass grows greener still!”

To this day, this primary song reminds me that I (like the tiny stream of water) can have a positive impact all around my little patch of the world I travel through.  

Consider this:

-- Today, there is someone praying desperately for help.

-- Today, a tragedy will strike and support will be needed.

-- Today, a child is hungry.

-- Today, an elderly person yearns for companionship and love.

-- Today, a single mother struggles to provide for her family.

-- Today, underemployed parents struggle to support their families.

-- Today, someone is reaching out for mental health help.

-- Today, someone yearns for a much needed break in life.

-- Today, a family is in need of clothing and shelter.

-- Today, there are hands which hang down, and feeble knees that need support.

You can make a difference in the lives of others by generously giving to the United Way of the Laurel Highlands, which serves Cambria and Somerset counties. This is truly neighbor helping neighbor. Please visit to download a pledge form or call 535-2563 for more information.

Recently, the United Way of the Laurel Highlands held the second of three report meetings to say the 2011 drive has reached 27 percent of its $1.1 million goal, or $302,500.

Today, they need your help in achieving their campaign goal so they can continue to support the various agencies that directly impact the lives of those in need.   

In Pennsylvania, almost 40 percent of food assistance recipients are children. About 50 percent of seniors over the age of 75 have a life-altering disability.

The reality is, government funding for health and human services has been declining in recent years, forcing agencies to scale back or eliminate critical programs.

Remember, your contribution stays local. The money you donate to United Way of the Laurel Highlands supports local programs and agencies.

Funds raised in your community stay in your community to help build a better place for all of us to live and work.

We all benefit from the United Way of the Laurel Highlands. It is up to each of us to protect and sustain it.

Today, your donation is the answer to another’s prayer.

Today, your donation, no matter how small, helps the grass grow greener still!

Robin L. Quillon is the publisher of The Tribune-Democrat. He can be reached at