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February 10, 2014

CORY ISENBERG | Kissell sets her sights high

Alli Kissell is learning how to handle the pressure of success.

The Portage sophomore shot a 295 out of a possible 300 in the unbeaten Mustangs’ rifle match victory over previously undefeated Conemaugh Township last week.

This is not the first time the young athlete has felt the stress of competition.

“I actually won the Pennsylvania State Junior Olympic championship, so I’ve been under pressure. But I haven’t been under it for a long time,” Kissell said after the Tuesday match. “This is the end of my first year of shooting for the high school and competitive shooting. I’ve been under pressure, but I can’t say I’ve been under it a lot.”

Kissell said it’s a matter of getting used to people watching you while you are shooting.

“The pressure is on, but I generally do better in a high-pressure situation,” said Kissell, part of a Portage squad that clinched the WestPAC crown on Friday. “It makes you really focus on what you are doing. You are not being lackadaisical about your shooting. It’s like at practice where if you mess up it’s OK so for me, the pressure adds more focus and more excitement.”

The high school shooters are aiming at targets that are the size of a pinhead and they shoot from three different postitions - prone, standing and kneeling.

Kissell began shooting as a youngster with parental supervision.

“When I was younger, I was shooting tin cans in the backyard with my family and I have a little bit of hunting experience, but I’ve never shot a deer,” the Mustangs’ sophomore said. “When I got into sixth grade, my teacher, Mrs. Lutz, she referred me to the junior program at the Portage pistol club and we shot little rifles for postition on Saturdays at noon for an hour, and when I got into ninth grade I got on the Portage rifle team.”

When the Mustangs shot against the Indians last year, Kissell caught the attention of Conemaugh Township assistant coach John Binnie.

“John Binnie coaches the Jerome Sportsmen’s junior rifle program and he started checking up on my scores and watching me shoot,” Kissell said. “One day he called my dad and asked if I would want to come down to Jerome to shoot with them. It was a big honor to be asked to come shoot down here.”

Kissell took advantage of the opportunity.

“All through the summer, I’ve been shooting and going different places,” Kissell said. “I’ve been to Georgia, Ohio and West Virginia to open shoots.”

Kissell ‘s calm demeaner under fire should help her to continue to excel in her future shooting endeavors.

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